APETAMIN UK. The manufacturer of Apetamin is TIL Healthcare, a company based in Chennai, India. However, there is no regulation of the drug in the United States.

As such, people need to purchase this supplement online.

The FDA has approved the use of cyproheptadine, the main ingredient in Apetamin, for:

  • seasonal or year-round allergies
  • non-allergic runny nose
  • allergic inflammation of the conjunctiva — the outer layer of the eye — due to inhaling allergens or foods
  • mild, uncomplicated allergic skin reactions
  • cold hives
  • anaphylactic reactions, alongside epinephrine
  • allergic reactions caused by blood or plasma

Although the FDA has not approved cyproheptadine for appetite stimulation, the reported side effects include stimulation of appetite and weight gain, APETAMIN UK.


How does it work?

Cyproheptadine, the active ingredient in Apetamin, is a first-generation antihistamine drug. Doctors and pharmacists. APETAMIN UK. rarely recommend cyproheptadine hydrochloride for allergies and hives, since newer antihistamines cause less drowsiness and fewer side effects.

Cyproheptadine competes with histamine, the chemical that causes allergic reactions, to treat allergic reactions. Unlike other antihistamines, cyproheptadine also blocks serotonin receptors. Blocking serotonin at the appetite center of the hypothalamus may explain how it affects appetite.SIDE EFFECTS

Currently, the FDA does not approve the use of Apetamin in the U.S. Some research states that cyproheptadine, Apetamin’s main ingredient, may be safe and well-tolerated in different populations looking to gain weight by appetite stimulation. Cyproheptadine is available with a prescription.

The most common side effect of cyproheptadine is drowsiness. In addition, a study in ACG Case Reports Journal reported liver toxicity in a person who purchased Apetamin online.

Other side effects of cyproheptadine may include:

  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • rash
  • low blood pressure
  • anemia
  • frequent urination
  • dryness of the nose or throat
  • headache
Cyproheptadine2 g
L-lysine150 mg
Dexpanthenol4.5 g
Nicotinamide15 mg
Thiamine2 mg
Pyridoxine1 mg

Other appetite stimulants that doctors may recommend for people with low body weight or reduced appetite include:

  • corticosteroids
  • synthetic progesterone, such as megestrol and medroxyprogesterone acetate
  • cannabinoids
  • mirtazapine
  • olanzapine

The most widely used appetite stimulants are synthetic progesterone and corticosteroids. Anamorelin is not yet clinically available but may soon offer another method for appetite stimulation, APETAMIN UK.

In a small 4-week study, 13 out of 18 participants with cancer-related anorexia noticed an improved appetite when taking tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC.

Other drugs that may work as appetite stimulants, such as mirtazapine and olanzapine, demonstrate inconsistent results. Researchers need to study these drugs further.

Apetamin is a drug used for appetite stimulation and weight gain that contains a prescription medication and different vitamins.APETAMIN UK.

India-based company TIL Healthcare manufacture Apetamin. However, the FDA does not approve its use in the U.S, and it cannot regulate its sale and distribution.

People can buy Apetamin through online websites and social media outlets. However, purchasing this product online carries some risks.

Although cyproheptadine may be effective and safe for appetite stimulation and weight gain, people should speak with a doctor to find the most appropriate treatment.


A study appearing in Appetite investigated the use of cyproheptadine to stimulate appetite and body weight. The researchers analyzed 46 articles across 21 different treatment populations. Of these, 39 studies demonstrated that cyproheptadine results in increased weight gain.

However, studies involving people living with malignant and progressive diseases — such as human immunodeficiency disorder and cancer — that affect appetite and weight showed minimal to no benefit. The most common side effect reported was drowsiness, while the participants generally had a high tolerance for cyproheptadine,APETAMIN UK.

Further studies are necessary to confirm these findings.

As Apetamin contains the prescription drug cyproheptadine, it is illegal for someone without the appropriate license to sell it within the U.S. People who purchase Apetamin buy the product from potentially unsafe websites and social media outlets.

Although cyproheptadine has some FDA-approved uses, doctors must prescribe it for people to obtain the drug.

A person should avoid using products that contain cyproheptadine without a doctor’s prescription. Products containing this substance have not gone through extensive FDA approval testing and can be dangerous.

Manufacturers of unapproved products may include ingredients not found on the product label or add them in inappropriate doses. People should note that taking an unapproved drug is dangerous,APETAMIN UK.

TIL Healthcare also produce other appetite stimulants:

  • Apetamin P
  • Calpitone (Cyprocal), available in tablet or syrup form
  • Cyprocat (Cyproforce), available in tablet or syrup form

These products also contain cyproheptadine and are not FDA-approved for use in the U.S.


Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

Although to some people, gaining weight can be so difficult. Even when trying to consume more calories, a lack of appetite prevents them from attaining their goals.

In most cases, it turns toweight gain supplements, such as Apetamin. It’s an increasingly popular vitamin syrup that’s claimed to help in weight gaining by increasing your appetite.

However, it’s rare to get in almost all health stores or on reputable websites in the United States, making it difficult to purchase. This might make you wonder if it’s safe and legal,APETAMIN UK

Read further to learn more about best selling and award-winning vitamin weight gain syrup!

But then, you can use the table below to navigate easily.


Apetamin is a weight gain supplement that contains followings:

Cyproheptadine: A clinically tested and approved appetite stimulant for children with failure to thrive without underlying organic disease.

Lysine: It is an essential amino acid that your body doesn’t naturally produce. it improves your overall health by helping your body produce collagen, digestive enzymes, antibodies, and protein hormones.

Vitamins: Apetamin contains Vitamin A, Thiamine/B-1, C, D and Vitamin E.

Does Apetamin help you gain weight?

A large number of people are considering this syrup as a weight gaining product, that is completely wrong. Apetamin itself is not a weight gaining product but what literally it does; is to help enhance your appetite and slows down metabolism, it makes you eat more and thus you gain weight efficiently and naturally, APETAMIN UK.

Not only this but Apetamin can also help with sneezing, watery eyes, itchy or a runny nose, migraines and vascular headache.

Why it is famous among women?

That’s true! Apetamin is quite famous among women across the globe. Instagram #apetamin will show you most recent before and after photos of women taking Apetamin syrup on a regular basis. I would recommend taking a look at the photos and how people are reacting to them will help you understand the ultimate advantage of taking this mystical syrup.


Gym + Apetamin + Great Diet = Result in Pictures

Everybody loves curvy buttocks, large sized breasts and healthy women, that is why the usage of Apetamin syrup among women is comparatively higher than men. However, Amphetamine works as an appetite stimulant with the purpose designed to treat underweight people or those suffering from eating disorders.

How can I gain weight fast without taking any drugs?

The simple answer is in order to gain weight fast you do not have to take Apetamin or any other weight gaining product. All you need to do is to consume more calories than your body needs them, APETAMIN UK.

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