Dankwoods is a cannabis pre move organization who makes blunts utilizing Backwoods stogies. The organization is known to create Dank Vapes, a generally dispersed THC cartridge that has sprung up in both legitimate and illicit states. In this article, we attempt to figure out how Dankwoods began and what they are delivering now.

backwoods is a stogie brand delivered in the United States during the 1970s and picked up fame in 1980s. The stogie organization turned out to be broadly well known with the utilization of substantial publicizing. Their commercials focused on bunches instead of the overall population.


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These gatherings were mountain climbers, outdoorsmen and the individuals who appreciate outrageous exercises. I wager our OGs out there know this stogie. At present, flavors like Honey Berry, Sweet Aromatic and Rum are sold in the United States while Vanilla, Banana, and Grape among others have been stopped yet are as yet sold abroad.

Blunts make use of the cigar leaf and the most popular brands for blunts in addition to Backwoods are  Swisher SweetsDutch MastersWhite Owls and Phillies. Blunt makers remove the tobacco contents and replace it with dried cannabis. Backwoods can be found for this purpose all over the place.


Popular pre rolled Backwoods companies include Barewoods, Litwoods, Dankwoods and Packwoods with 420Ganjameds. Barewoods was first to popularize Backwoods blunts in 2016. Litwoods followed the pre roll trend in January 2017 while Dankwoods, the most popular today started in 2018. Packwoods started last December 2018. Do you see anything in their names? Obviously they want to identify with the old guy brand – Backwoods.  But, that may not be the only reason.


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Distinctive pre roll organizations are riding on the prevalence of the notorious Backwoods Cigar. These organizations including Dankwoods change the principal syllable of the stogie brand and they get moment marking. Since Backwoods Smokes is a genuine organization these organizations need to sound that they are genuine also. They have made Backwoods their outline – the stogie organization’s logo, hip jump craftsman supports, hot female models and occasions (420, show, sports, skating) sponsorship are duplicated perfectly.

I’d prefer to remind the customers recreational and restorative clients the same that wellbeing and security ought to consistently be the primary goal. The negative impacts of pesticides and leftover solvents are not sure, however now in the event that you are in a legitimate state with genuine brands accessible, those are your most ideal decision.

It is easy for me to believe that Dankwoods is a black market company. With zero information available that is required from a legit cannabis company. All black market brands carry a greater risk of having pesticides or residual solvents present than brands where testing is required and the products are in legit dispensaries. For example, Dank Vapes which has been tested a number of times has failed testing. Barewoods has this pending US and Canadian trademark but not as a cannabis company – they filed in the category of “Clothing Products”. Litwoods is a skate team sponsored by Lit Brand and Packwoods, like Dankwoods have zero information with the former now concentrating on skate apparel.

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